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lBest Services of Su-kam Invertor in Aligarh l Shamshad Market l Numeric power System l Top QualitylServces of  Microtek Invertor in Aligarhl

lUp AligarhlIndialdelta InvertorlLuminous InvertorlExide InvertorlAPC BatterylEaton BatterylEmerson BatterylGE Digital Energy BatterylKSTAR BatterylMitsubishilPiller batterylRiellolSiemenslSharplTop Branded Bettery Dealer in AMU ArealBeat RO water Purifier in AligarhlUniversity Area lupl


Modern Traders give best Goods and Services to Our Customers .Modern Traders was established the Trditionally Organised .It has made up by New generations Thoughts.

They have lots of Experience in the field of Electronics .

So they Became in this Business in 2014.


The Two Brothers M.Adil & M.Shariq is the Director of The Modern Traders 

Goods &  Services 

We have lots of goods like-

 Products                                       Company                     Services 

Batteries                     Exide/Amron/Luminous/ETC                     3 Years 

RO(Water Purifier)    Kent/Aqua Gaurd/Pure It/ETC                 3 Years 

Invertor                     Luminous/Su-kam/Microtek/Delta            3 Years 

We give Best Technology to Our Consumer

About Electronic Products

Electronic Products reports on important developments in products and product Technolog 

Its editorial serves as a key Information source for Engineers and Managers .

Life without Batteries would be a trip back in time a century or two Pretty much the only way of making portable energy was either was steam power or clockwise . 

Batteries -handy ,convenient power supplies as small as a fingermail or as big as a trunk- give us a sure and steady supply of electrical energy .

You might think a battery looks just about as dull as anything you've ever seen . But The minute you hook it up to something ,it start buzzing with electricity .That dull little clinder turns into your very own micro power plant .

Contact Us:- M.Shariq-8273353046 .M Adil-7417774620

Add-Shop No.1 Aftab Appartment Shamshad Market,Qila Road aligarh