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Saini Eye Center was Established in 2016 

Dr. Paras Saini (M.B.B.S.,DOMS), Owner Of The Saini Eye Center

His Vision - I wanted to thank each and every one of you at Saini Eye Center .You heartfelt kindness and care that has been shown to me will never be for provide a level of Excellence that is rarely seen in Today's society . I am grateful to have such a wonderful Experience.

Our Customer - Mr. Dharmendra  Views

"Few Months ago I was facing problems in my Eyes and someone suggest me Saini Eye Center . I visited here and took Lasik surgery in Saini Eye Center 


The Team of doctors is very caring and Professional .


rooms were so clean Till now there is no side effect after surgery"

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Our thoughts about the customers.

The very sense of professionalism,care ,humble and sweet speech are the main Ingredients which contribute to the success of any organisation under our Experience leadership would go a long way to achieve the phenomenal success in the Field of Eye Care not only in Aligarh.

"My Best wishesh as a receipient of most sought after care from the doctor dou"


General Eye services                                 Surgical Retina Services

Medical Retina Services                             Low vision rehabilitation

Refractive Services                                   

 Operation of Glaucoma By Phecho Method 

 Operation of Glaucoma without Stiching 

Checkup and treatment of Squint Eyed

Checkup and treatment of Kalapani 

Contact Lens                Artificial Eye                          Ocular Plastic surgery

Exercise of Eyes         Eyelids Twitching                   Ocular Hypertension

Low Vision                  Lazy Eye                                 Keratoconus

Uveitis                         Diabetic Macular Edema        Color Blindness

Cataracts in Babies     Crossed Eye (Strabismus)     Bulging Eye

IOP                             BP                                           Blood Sugar

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Contact details 

Phone -  0571-2507390

Mobile - 9411903732

Opening Hours

In Aligarh

Day                                        Morning                                             Evening 

Monday                                 10 - 2 Pm                                           6 - 8 pm

Tuesday                                10 - 2 Pm                                           6 - 8 pm

Wednesday                           10 - 2 Pm                                           6 - 8 pm

Friday                                    10 - 2 Pm                                           6 - 8 pm

Saturday                                10 - 2 Pm                                           6 - 8 pm

In Kasganj

Day                                       Morning                                              Evening

Sunday                                 10 - 2 Pm                                            6 - 8 pm

In Etah

Day                                     Morning                                              Evening 

1st and 2nd                         10 - 2 Pm                                           6 - 8 pm

Thursday of the Month

Thanking And well wishesh for our patients 

Main Branch Address

Contact Us:-9411903732

Add-Near Atroli Bus Stant Opp Gandhi Eye Hospital Ramghat Road Aligarh-202001